Prof. Lars Roepstorff

RIB Webinar

Welcome to the RIB Webinar together with Professor Lars Roepstorff and Maria Terese Engell. Maria Terese will give a brief introduction on todays topic as well as the basics for a rider in balance. Veterinarian and professor Lars Roepstorff will in his lecture provide deeper understanding in resent research of horse - rider interaction. Lars will guide you through interesting knowledge and findings in three important areas:

1. Understanding the construction and functionality of the horse back and variant movements in different gaits. Knowledge that also can be useful to compose an effective training program.

2. On of the communicative interactions between horse and rider during horseback riding takes place through the reins. Rein tension meters has given new and important knowledge to actively work on safeguarding the welfare of horses

3. The effect of the saddle on the horse's back in relation to the fit of the saddle has been the subject of research scientific investigation using pressure measurements. Lars gives a thorough review of the interesting findings.  

Lars concludes by talking about these important research results and what it can be used for in the future.

Lars is a well-known and internationally respected veterinarian and professor at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry at SLU in Uppsala, Sweden. He is frequently used as an expert in various projects for FEI and also contributes in several research and development projects in horse welfare and rider performance.

Maria Terese is the founder of the RIB method and one of few the world with a PHD in the interaction between horse and rider. Today she does research on equine and human biomechanics and horse - rider interaction. Maria Terese works with technique and performance development together with several top riders in both jumping, dressage, eventing, paradressage and vaulting.

A very warm welcome!

The webinar is digital and takes place on June 14th at 18.00-20.30 CET (06.00-08.30 PM) and will be held in English. The fee for joining the webinar is 25 euro and will be paid in advance. A personal link (Zoom) will be sent out before the webinar. Register now at the link below.

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